Swiss banks to start Cow locker facility to keep Indian Cows safe

24, Jul 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Zurich: Two most talked about topics in India, Cows and Swiss banks are set to come together as Swiss banks have decided to start a cow locker facility to keep the cows safe. Till now, Swiss banks have been synonymous with black money in India but this step looks set to change their image.BeFunky-collage (11)

Speaking to Faking News, Vice President of a reputed Swiss bank said,” We are very disappointed that our banks have come to be known as the den of black money in India. We just provide good banking service and if someone is using them to stash black money then what can we do? However, we have now decided that it is time we went for an image makeover in India. For that, we have started this cow locker facility where we will protect cows as seriously as we protect black money.”

“This will resolve the serious problem of cattle smuggling in India as the cows will be totally safe in our lockers. That will reduce lynchings in India over cows as well. We are working on the logistics of it but we are certain that we can pull it off with a little support from the Indian government”, he further added.

Indian government has welcomed the proposal and already extended their full support to make this a success. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said,” Protecting cows is the number 1 responsibility of any government and if Swiss banks are helping us in that then we will totally support it. Cow locker subsidy will be transferred to the Aadhar linked bank account of every cow owner, using which they can pay the charges of the Swiss banks.”

However, skeptics are not so sure how this scheme will work as the bank employees transporting the cows from India to Switzerland may get lynched in between on suspicion of cattle smuggling.