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Taking cue from India repeatedly asking Pak to handover Dawood, Engg colleges ask students to handover Ganja and Sutta

02, Jan 2015 By shekharmodi

Pune. Taking solace from the persistence of Indian Government in its unrelenting requests to Pakistani Government to hand over Dawood Ibrahim, Hostel authorities of engineering colleges have decided to renew their demands to students to hand over all the Ganja, Sutta, and Khamba in their possession.

Mr. Silambersan, in charge of hostel affairs for Kalabazar Engineering college said that in a meeting attended by the heads of various colleges, it was decided that Hostel authorities need to renew their demand to students to hand over weapons of mass delusion.

Upon hearing the apprehension of one of members about the futility of the attempt, it was agreed to take inspiration and virtues from Indian Government in its dealing with Pakistan.

Sources after looking at this pic say Dawood too could be an engineer.
Sources after looking at this pic say Dawood too could be an engineer.

College authorities want to renew their demand to clean hostels as part of ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’. It is to be noted that similar demands have been made so many times in past but have not had any effect on students.

Indian Government has been urging Pakistan to handover Dawood Ibrahim for more than two decades now. Although Pakistan has been giving the request a deaf ear despite being provided with undeniable evidences, this has not affected India’s determination and persistence to raise the demand time and again.

On the similar lines, Engineering hostel authorities have been giving clinching evidences to students of the presence of Ganja, Daru, Sutta etc in hostel premise.

Students, like Pakistan, have vehemently denied any wrongdoing and have promised to co-operate fully in dealing with any wrongdoers. On seeing no result of their efforts and requests to students, hostel authorities had started losing their patience and ignoring such instances.

But the meeting that took place earlier today led to the conclusion that hostel authorities need the resolve and relentlessness of Indian Government.

As per latest report, a delegation of Engineering colleges has met with External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and an MOU has been signed between the ministry and Engineering Colleges. As per MOU, hostel in-charge of colleges will get training from officers of ministry on virtues viz. resolve, persistence, determination, dealing with an intractable adversary etc.

One person familiar with the latest developments and who did not wish to be identified, said that the meeting brought to table some very new insights for everyone. It was found that there are many similarities between Engineering students and Pakistan and similar strategies are required to deal with them.

Both (Engineering students and Pakistan) allow their respective territories to be used for wrongdoings and later deny any involvement in it. Engineering student cites difficulty of hostel life to his father to seek money, just as Pakistan does with USA. Even after getting flunked, Engineering students dream about creating something bigger than Microsoft, just as Pakistan dreams about defeating India despite having lost to it so many times.

Confronted with the adversary with so many similar attributes, Indian government and college authorities have expressed their desire to jointly work on formulating mechanisms to deal with their ’bete-noirs’