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Taliban threatens to bomb Arnab's mouth for announcing infidel groups as new Indian Taliban

30, Oct 2014 By manithan

Kabul: Taliban has released a video threatening the Indian news journalist Arnab Goswami.

The threat video starts with few clipping from Arnab’s NewsHour show and then Taliban’s supremo Omar appears. He starts, “We are big fans of Arnab Goswami. He is our energy center. Before going for a suicide mission or a ground attack, we hear his NewsHour in full volume, so that our blood boils and our adrenaline peaks. We even have recorded voice of Arnab, which we hear in headphones, while shooting people. Even if some of our brothers feel sympathy for an old woman or a small child, hearing his shouts in high volume makes us automatically press the trigger.”

Barbarism of Khaps
Barbarism of Khaps

Then, rising his index finger, he continues, “Recently, Arnab made a big mistake. No, not the debate on the bombs found in West Bengal. We are sure he will not explode on that. But, he compared our revolutionary movement to a small group of infidels,whose only job is to smoke hookah and tell women to not wear jeans. That is a big insult to us, Arnab. Big Insult!”

His tone grows more angrier, “We have killed thousands of Hazaras. We have starved 160 thousand people by denying UN food packets. We have trafficked women and even shared the most prettiest of them among ourselves. We followed scorched earth policy and burnt farms, orchards forcing 1 lakh people to flee Afghanistan. We forced women to wear burqa, told them not to speak loudly, forced them not to appear in balconies, banned them from any form of media and not to venture out without a male companions. We killed women who broke these rules. We were actually protecting women from men. I do agree that the edicts of those Infidel Khaps were similar, as they forced women to not dress as per their wish, not marry inter-caste and even killed some. But how dare, can Arnab call them as New Talibans? It is an insult to us. It is an insult to our whole movement. We are blowing ourselves up daily, we have blasted so many bombs, wasted so many bullets on Satanist Americans and local small satans. And you just shout from your air-conditioned newsroom equating our holy movement with an infidel group.”

He takes a grenade in his hand and shouts, “Arnab, you have wrongly rewritten the whole history of our sacrifice. You have spoiled our name by comparing us to Indian Khap leaders, who don’t do anything much than sitting and spitting. We will take revenge on you, Arnab. If you spoil our name by comparing us to any infidels, we will put this grenade into your mouth. This is a final warning to you. Even our friend ISI has told that removing Arnab from India will make it vulnerable and expose it to Pakistani army. We will take revenge!” And then the screen went blank.

We were unable to reach Arnab and our messages to Times Now were not replied.

One of the regular panelist on the show, who declared himself as secular feminist, told us via phone, “Maybe, Talibans are angry that Arnab compared them to the vicious Hindu groups and Khaps. Maybe, we can advise Arnab to change hashtag from #NewIndianTaliban to #NewIndianNazis. We also need to stop telling RSS as Indian ISIS and start telling ISIS as RSS of Middle east.”