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Terror groups which claimed responsibility for Wagah blast attacked by Pak army for giving a clean chit to India

03, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Islamabad. Today in the early morning, Pakistan army in a series of attacks, targeted hideouts of terror groups which claimed responsibility for the suicide blast that took place yesterday at Wagah border.

Last evening, soon after the blast, terror groups like Jamaat-ul-Ahrar and Jundullah had claimed that the suicide bomber belonged to their group, which made Pak army so upset that it launched a lethal operation against the terror groups.

“Dear Pak army, we are very sorry”

“In a hurry to increase their number of kills, they gave clean chit to India within hours of blast. That’s height of irresponsible behavior. In such a serious matter of national security we were expecting a bit of maturity from these guys,” said a Pak army officer Parvez Sharif lambasting the terror groups.

“Let us make it clear, no matter what terrorists are saying, we know, it was an act of Indian intelligence agency – RAW,” Parvez explained the official stand of the Pak establishment.

Adding further, Parvez Sharif clarified that Pak army was attacking Jamaat-ul-Ahrar and Jundullah to punish them for their childish behavior of shifting the blame away from India, and not for terror activities.

“They don’t know what they are saying. How are they so sure that it was one of theirs man who blasted himself? Without any proper investigation they jumped to the conclusion and indirectly gave a clean chit to India. It’s almost like an anti-national act. Now, it’s time to pay for being so impatient,” Mr. Sharif issued a serious warning to the terror groups.

Being a tough parent, Pak army is in no mood to spare the terror groups for bringing insult to their own country.

However, ISI, a close associate of Pak army, alleges that India is capitalizing on the innocence of terrorists.

“It’s RAW which is responsible for the blast. They were pretty sure that after the blast, one of these attention seeking terror groups will surely pop up to claim responsibility for the blast, even without being behind it in reality. Such blasts inside Pakistan are actually traps set by RAW to provoke young and innocent terror groups to take responsibility, which in turn malign Pakistan’s image,” explained Ali Pasha, a senior ISI agent.

Shocked to see such strict response from Pak army, terror groups have apologized for claiming responsibility for the blast and issued a joint statement blaming India for the ghastly act.

Meanwhile, PTI chairman Imran Khan is thinking of doing a dharna against India for trying to mislead the terrorists.