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Terrorists cancel attack after inexperienced Pakistan PM condemns it in advance

18, Aug 2017 By itsmihir1993

Woes do not seem to end anytime soon for Pakistan as the inexperience at the top leadership has foiled the nation’s bid to live up to its reputation in the global community. After Nawaz Sharif’s untimely exit owing to Panama scandal, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi took over the throne early this month to condemn the terrorist attacks worldwide.

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The inexperience of the new Prime Minister has affected the terror outfits the most. Terror outfit LeT that operates out of Pakistan had to cancel their last attack after a horrendous blunder made by the inexperienced Shahid Khaqan Abbasi—he condemned the attack even before the terrorists could execute it. Upset with the immaturity of the Prime Minister and his inability to handle these sensitive issues, the ISI has started looking for his replacement.

In his tweet where he condemned the yet-to-happen attack, he said, “My condolences with the deceased. Pakistan stands by the affected in the difficult time. And, obviously, we are not involved in it.”

Confused, various world leaders started tweeting the same to express their condolences without realising that the attack is yet to take place. The intelligence agencies were quick to realise this and alerted various places on the radar of the terrorists.

Speaking to our reporter, an LeT militant, at the request of anonymity and threat of killing, told, “This new guy is a pain! We will have to make him watch movies like Gadar – Ek Prem Katha and Border before we plan our next attack, so that he doesn’t ruin it again for us.”

We spoke to the inexperienced PM to get his views on the premeditated tweet. “I am newly elected by ISI for this job. The organisation will have to teach me many things before I get into the groove of condemning attacks and shirking responsibility,” he said. “Now, I have to go to our ISI chief’s house and drop his son to the school, please excuse,” he said before leaving.