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Terrorists crossing border to help Yasin Malik serve Kashmir flood victims by hijacking rescue boats

16, Sep 2014 By idiot420

Srinagar. Soon after separatists appealed to Pakistan army to come to the aid of the Kashmiri people, hundreds of terrorists have reportedly crossed border to assist separatist leaders in the relief operation, which they are conducting across the flood hit state by hijacking rescue boats.

A source close to JKLF chief Yasin Malik revealed that in a letter written to Malik, Pak army has apologized for being unable to send official rangers.

Yasin Malik
“Take it, or otherwise….”

“To compensate that, Pak army has instead sent mujahideen who belong to different outfits operating from POK. They are almost like rangers in civil dress which army often uses as per its requirement,” told the source to Faking News.

Separatist groups have put banners all across Srinagar claiming to be the provider of best rescue service in the whole state.

“We are much better than Indian army,” said Yasin Malik, after being rescued by the Indian Army, announcing a parallel relief operation amidst gunfire by his overexcited supporters and Pakistani rescue workers.

Sources say that the join relief operation by terrorists and separatists has already started. One of the terrorists was seen shooting at a person who was trapped on the terrace of a house surrounded by flood water in the outskirts of Srinagar.

However, after noticing media reporters covering the shooting, terrorist backed off saying he was just trying to save him from drowning in water. “You know, once you are dead, you can’t be drowned,” he explained, justifying his actions.

Reports of terrorists force feeding people at gunpoint are also coming from different parts of the state.

Meanwhile back in Delhi, liberal and independent commentators have welcomed the terrorists for lending a helping hand to the rescue efforts.

“We shouldn’t become a jingoist nation by only lauding the army for what they are doing. The terrorists and separatists like Yasin Malik should also be allowed to do rescue work and we should appreciate the efforts,” a Delhi based full time Twitter user said.