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To counter Modi, Nawaz Sharif to visit 100 countries via Google Earth

20, Aug 2015 By Mahapurush Mahatma

Islamabad: Stung and stunned with Modi’s one after another successful foreign trips, Pakistani PM has come under tremendous pressure to counter this ‘charm jihad’ of India at the global level. The Pakistani government yesterday announced that Mr. Sharif will be travelling to close to 100 countries using Google Earth.

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“Pakistan values its allies. To take our ties to next level, our Vazeer-E-Azam will visit 100 countries this year. Unlike the PM of our neighboring failed state, who wastes millions on such trips and causes global warming, our PM will make these trips via Google Earth,” Pakistan’s External Affairs Minister declared from a dormitory in a US lodge.

There was widespread enthusiasm in Indian media too regarding this development.

NDTV ran the ‘Blow to Modi’ ticker after a very long hiatus. “Mr. Shareef has shown the mirror to Modi. He has shown that Modi needs to do a lot of catching up when it comes to tackling the menace of global warming caused by aero planes,” Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar told NDTV in an exclusive interview over the issue.

BBC invited Arundhati Roy for discussion on the topic where three fans of Arundhati Roy were present to counter her views. She used some very complicated words that have been sent to Manish Tiwari for decryption by this Faking News reporter. The one part that our reporter understood was about how ‘bhookha nanga Hindustan’ cannot afford the largesse of Mr. Modi.

Times Now asked users to tweet with #GoogleGate. Arnab Goswami invited two  retired officers of Pakistani army and extracted his revenge for all the wars they had waged against India. A panelist at Times Now claimed that lack of funds due to all money spent on Sunny Leone pirated videos had forced the Government of Pakistan to use Google Earth instead of economy class air travel.

When a reporter named Chatur Chintu asked Rahul Gandhi about the issue, he searched for something in his pocket in vain. Then he said that today was not a day for politics.

Meanwhile at a meeting to announce Modi’s trip to the republic of Azkaban, Minister of External affairs Sushma Swaraj refused to comment on Pakistan’s move. She instead suggested that the reporter should ask his mom why she had cooked biriyani for him although he likes fried rice.