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To improve bilateral ties with India, USA changes the name of President’s home to Whitehouse Bhavan

21, Jul 2015 By RT

Washington: In an unprecedented effort to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries, Washington has announced today that the name of Presidents official residence will be changed to Whitehouse Bhavan. India immediately welcomed the move and as a return gesture, named one of the latest scams as #VyapamGate.

The official residence of the President of the United States.
The official residence of the President of the United States.

“India has been our greatest and natural ally for several decades now. Moreover, Indians are loyal devotees and supporters of our culture and blind followers of whatever happens in America. We have one Hollywood. India has several Filmywoods. We have one Watergate; India has a few hundred ScamGates. Oscar is a household name in urban and rural India alike, whereas several parts of America do not even know a little known event referred to as Academy awards,” a White House spokesperson said.

The spokesperson further added, “Indian intellectual aka liberal community supports the cause of LGBT rights more than American media and companies in our country think about India, prior to the design and release of a new product. More Indians follow American television series and outside of New York, the term Yankee is used only in Indian metros. The bilateral ties are deep rooted as you can see.”

On the rising popularity of cricket the spokesperson said, “In recent times, more Americans are slowly developing tolerance towards anything brown. The country which has basically known cricket as a small insect, has started playing the sport and our Tennis superstar Serena Williams does know the Indian icon Sachin very well (unlike some arrogant Russian) and right there, we look at much better ties with India.”

“Our initial proposition was to declare ‘Chocolate brownie’ as our national dessert. Though there is a concept called white chocolate, the mix of white and brown is not so evident in the baked item. After several rounds of bipartisan talks, the name change on President’s house has been agreed and we, as a nation, are proud to announce this in the month of July,” the spokesperson concluded.

To match the gesture, in addition to #VyapamGate, India had announced that RAW will be renamed to RIA to go along with CIA. Agents from CBI will henceforth be called ‘Cbeebies’ to honor the American urban usage ‘Fibbies’ for federal agents.