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Trump declares war on North Korea; a meme war

13, Aug 2017 By Guest Patrakar

On Friday, the US government released a statement that worsened the current crisis when the US President declared a war on North Korea through a tweet.


World is presently witnessing one of the most tensed moments of recent times. Whether it’s China, North Korea or United States, countries are engaged in an attempt to start a war. The increasing bellicose by these nations is making the situation worse.

Donald Trump in a series of tweet criticized North Korea and its attempt to disturb the world peace. Trump also tweeted “It’s a war time North Korea. A meme war.” After that he tweeted an image taking a dig at North Korea’s situation. It’s not the first time when President Donald Trump has behaved casually in a tensed moment, during President Election campaigns too he mocked his opponents.

Trump’s tweet provoked many more people to participate in meme war that he started. One of the users tweeted the Joker card of playing cards with the caption “Trump Card”. Another user morphed Kim Jong Un’s face on Hitler’s photo and captioned it “Man who has the potential to finish a race faster than Usain Bolt”. 

Soon after the meme war started, UN declared meme a weapon of mass destruction. Memes are playing a major role in distributing people’s lives. Recently, a student of California University switched on his phone during exam to cheat but spent whole times reading memes instead. Similar incident happened in Australia where a woman drove her car into a sea as she was checking memes instead of map. 

We need to understand this that memes are not the weapons of mass destruction but our habit of letting things toll on us is. A image that can make us laugh is now taking our lives. Everything that happens to us only we are responsible, if we don’t allow anything to disturb us nothing will.