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After Trump offers to mediate in the Kashmir issue, PM Modi offers mediation between Melania and Trump

02, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

New Delhi. Donald Trump had offered mediation in the Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan. It was not received well by the Indian media as the PMO clarified that there was no role of PMO in suggesting Trump about the mediation.


Now PM Modi wants to counter Trump’s offer by offering mediation between Trump and his wife Melania. Melania and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau were seen exchanging pleasantries at the G7 summit.

They had a good time and it reflected in some pics which went viral on the net. There are rumors that all is not well between Trump and Melania and PM Modi wants to step in and help his friend Trump.

PM Modi has assured Trump that he will do everything possible to resolve the matter. PM Modi also suggested Trump that he should not allow Melania to ever meet Shashi Tharoor or else he will lose Melania completely and forever.

Melania and Trump have still not commented on the offer but Justin Trudeau seems upset and just like Modi told that Kashmir is a bilateral issue, Trudeau said that the matter between Trump and Melania is a bilateral one and a third party should not intervene.