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Trump replaces Sambit as spokesperson of BJP, opposition blames govt for giving the job to a foreigner when Indians need jobs

25, Sep 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

New York. US President Donald Trump compared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to legendary American performer Elvis Presley when they met for the second time in the week at the United Nations’ headquarters in New York. Donald Trump also called PM Modi “the father of India” for his efforts in solving internal matters that have helped in India’s transformation to a better country.

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Trump went on and on and left Sambit Patra way behind in promoting the BJP government. BJP leadership was so impressed with Trump that they made him the official spokesperson overnight and sent a firing letter to Sambit Patra. Sambit, who has been on the backfoot ever since he lost the elections, was not able to defend his poor form and ultimately had to lose the job. The opposition is concerned for Sambit though. Rahul Gandhi called a press conference today and said that the government is Anti-Indian.

At a time when Indians require jobs, the BJP has given the important job to a foreigner. Most of our jobs are taken by foreigners. How will an Indian survive this competition? Sambit Patra is thankful to Rahul Gandhi as even after so much bashing on TV debates, he has stood by him in this time of need. Trump meanwhile will attend his first news debate as BJP’s spokesperson on Republic TV in the coming days.