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Turkish coup gets a special Primetime Emmy award for the best scripted reality drama on TV

20, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Los Angeles: In a major coup, Turkish coup has managed to get itself a special Primetime Emmy Award for the best scripted reality drama on TV this year. Last Friday night’s failed military coup against Turkish civilian leadership was so well scripted and the failure so well executed that the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences decided to honor it for the excellent script.

Turkish President entering a Game Of Thrones set by mistake

“We are committed to rewarding excellence, not just excellence in American shows but even shows from abroad that Americans end up watching. The script for this coup was just beautiful. It was so gripping that all the academy members forgot all about their Friday night plans and stayed in front of their TV screens watching the drama unfold. This had the best of reality TV married to the best of drama TV married to the best of suspense TV. Perfect, just perfect”, said an academy member.

When we mentioned that Turkish President Erdogan insists the coup was genuine, the Academy member said, “That is what all reality shows say, there was no script, it was all spontaneous but we all know the truth, don’t we? Now he wants to be humble and doesn’t want to take credit for the script then it is his choice but we must do our duty and honor him. Hopefully, he will come for the awards ceremony and accept that he is the genius behind it all.”

Meanwhile, a certain Army general in South Asia was wondering if he can send his coup to the Oscars if he manages to displace the PM in 2 hrs flat.