'United States will plant one trillion trees, but Mexico will have to pay for it' says Trump while speaking on climate change at Davos 

22, Jan 2020 By @jurnoleast

Not sure if the fireworks between Greta Thunberg and Donald Trump is adding to global warming, but it is definitely giving the global media a lot to write about. After Greta accused United States of not doing enough to mitigate the alarming climate situation, Trump shot back at what he called ‘perennial whiners’.


While addressing a gathering of top officials from across the world, Trump said that United States was committed to caring for the environment and is all set to join an initiative to plant more trees.

However, there were a few conditions to the offer. “I know there are many ‘climate activists’ sitting in the audience who have me accusing me of no doing much. That is not true. I am announcing today that United States will be part of an initiative to plant one trillion trees. I don’t how many zeros are there in a trillion but I know it’s huge. All that can happen only when Mexico gives us the money to plant those trees. There are a lot of pending payments for come from Mexico including the one for the wall,” he said.

Trump also accused Greta of of hounding him unnecessarily for being oblivious to the concerns of climate change.

“I know a lot of how climate is changing. The is a lot of global warming going around lately.The global has become so warm that I don’t need an oven to cook my food. I just keep it in the open and it cooks by itself. I don’t need people to tell me that. These thirteen year old kids should stop lecturing me on the environment change. Go make some TikTok videos like other kids,” he said while taking a jibe a Greta.

Meanwhile, a Mexican diplomat present at the event scoffed at the idea of paying for planting the trees. “Trump can keep dreaming. We are neither paying for the wall or the plantations,” he said.