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Vending machines taken away from Hafiz Saeed's office as Pak looks to cut costs to fund F-16's

03, May 2016 By @jurnoleast

Lahore: Frantic activity was seen inside the Peshawar office of Jamaat-ud-Dawa after govt. officials took away vending machines and refrigerators that were installed in the office.

The last tin of Dalda being taken away from Hafiz Saeed
The last tin of Dalda being taken away from Hafiz Saeed

Initial media reports suggested that the confiscation of machines could be part of Govt’s plan to clamp down on Hafiz Saeed’s activities on India’s insistence.

However, Govt. officials later clarified that the move was not part of any clamp down but was instead a cost cutting measure aimed at funding the purchase of F-16’s from the US.

Speaking to Faking News a senior official from the Pak Parliament said, “It was an unprecedented move by US. Never before did we have to spend a penny on anything. But I guess the equations have changed now. They said they won’t give a spare toilet paper if we don’t pay.”

Apparently, PM Sharif called a key official in the Obama administration asking for a few fighter jets to ‘fight terrorists’. But Obama administration replied with a stern ‘Go Fund Yourself’.

Sources also revealed that US has given Pak a month’s time to arrange for the funds and this has got Nawaz Sharif looking for options to get that extra income. “Wazir-e-azam has asked for all privileges extended to Hafiz Saeed to be curtailed. A practice usually followed by IT companies when the going gets tough. Sharif saab has also asked most terrorist organizations to trim around 30% of their workforce,” said a high highly placed defence official.

However, Hafiz Saeed has strongly protested such restriction. His office in Peshawar wore a somber look as many of his followers looked unsure about their future.

Rafique Anwar (name changed to protect identity), who has been ‘freedom fighting’ for Lashkar for 6 years was disgruntled after receiving average rating in his annual appraisal. “They are just looking for excuses to lay me off. I thought I’d get a ‘exceeded expectations’ after all I did in the Kashmir valley. But this is not good.”

Hafiz Saeeds efforts at back channel talks failed and sources say the JuD chief couldn’t even save a tin of Dalda from being taken away by the authorities.

“They are taking away everything and selling it online. Looks like US is serious about the deadline this time. Insiders also say that Sharif Saab is giving English tuitions in his spare time and has also joined a call center to earn that extra income,” said a news reporter for Dawn.

Meanwhile, experts say that Obama’s hard stance could backfire as absence of vending machine could anger Hafiz Saeed, who may produce more terrorists in a fit of rage. Thus making it necessary for Pak to have F-16’s to fight them.