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Water conservation activist leads by example, agrees to reduce her shower time from 40 minutes to 35

02, Jul 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Rajasthan: Budding journalist and water conservation activist Ms. Loveleena Jangid has openly declared that in spirit of water conservation, she would no longer be taking long showers and thus would be leading by example for others who waste water. She has apparently agreed that going forward she would just be showering for 35 minutes as opposed to 40 minutes showers she is currently used to. Ms. Jangid who usually stays for 15 days in Manhattan and 15 days in Mumbai, was in Janakpur village to address a seminar on importance of Water Conservation and discuses some of her clean water initiatives in Africa.

5 mins of less shower time can reduce global water crisis
5 mins of less shower time can reduce global water crisis

Talking to several media persons at Hotel Hyatt Palace Janakpur she said, “Reducing my shower time has been a tough decision for me. All along my life these long showers have enabled me to think clearly. One day while taking a long shower at my apartment in Manhattan I first experienced some visions which inspired me to jump into the field of water conservation. A few minutes into my shower when I could no longer feel that warm water falling on my head, I became totally numb and those visions started to come to me. I had the visions that showed me that people in large landmasses such as Africa and India are actually wasting a lot of water, and I need to educate them not to do so.”

“At first I thought I was drunk, because I had been sipping glasses after glasses of Long Island Ice Teas all night long at a Manhattan pub the previous night. So I thought perhaps I was still under influence of alcohol, but then I realized it was actually a divine intervention. A power beyond us all was telling me to teach the uneducated souls the value of water conservation. Next day while watching CNN I came to know about Janakpur village and about this water conservation seminar. I immediately asked my travel agent to book my air tickets and hotels. And I am glad I came here and met some really poor and uneducated people.”

When asked on what are some of the water conservation projects she is working on Ms. Jangid provided more details. She explained, “Women of this village travel miles to get water. And even then they only get a few earthen pots full of water, for their whole day. This is just ridiculous. We from the developed part of society have to teach them that they should not waste this much-needed water. It is a very valuable resource. But change starts from within myself. Hence I have taken the following steps to conserve water from now on:

1) I have reduced my shower time from 40 minutes to 35 on weekdays and from 1 hours 10 mins to 55 minutes on weekends. I have been following this tight schedule for around 10 days now. Tough to keep up, but I am going on with this sacrifice.

2) I used to buy 1 or 2 litre mineral water bottles, take a few sips and then throw them away. Now I put all that water in plants. That way I replenish it back in the eco-system.

3) Whenever I eat at 5-star restaurants, I make sure I don’t order any watery dishes and only order thick gravy dishes that use very less water. For example I would prefer a thick kaju gravy butter chicken over a chicken manchow soup. That way I help the restaurant use less and less water each time I eat. My boyfriend hates me for this and I know it’s not a very healthy food choice but all sacrifices for water conservation.

4) I have pledged from now on to take my whiskey only with soda and ice, instead of water and ice, which I used to earlier. If all us whiskey drinkers in India adopt this choice we would be saving millions of gallons of water each year,”  Ms Jangid concluded.

While Ms. Jangid has provided no specifics to media on her water conservation projects, it is being rumored that she is closely working with renowned geologist Dr. R. Vadra on some soil-conservation projects.