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“We are not like Myanmar, our terrorists are the best in the world” Pak warns India

13, Jun 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Islamabad: After Indian defense minister’s statement that India should no longer be seen as a weak target by terrorists, Pakistan interior ministry has sharply reacted to these remarks and issued a counter statement.

Pakistani interior minister issued a statement yesterday evening and said, “India should understand that we are not like Myanmar, our brand of terrorism is truly world class. You can’t just enter our territory like you did in Myanmar and kill our militants. Our ammunition is better and our militants are trained at par with our army, sometimes trained even better. At times we can’t even decide if our armymen are militants or militants are armymen. So India should be beware of us.”

Musharraf showing level of Pak terrorists.
Musharraf showing level of Pak terrorists.

He further continued, “Also in Pakistan we have complete alignment between state, army and terrorists. We all know what we are going to do when. So state and non-state actors are totally arms in arms with each other.”

While Pakistani authorities are praising the weapon strength of their terrorist forces, a veteran Pak sponsored terrorist Sajjad (name changed) talked to us over conference call and rubbished these claims, “Kori bakwas hai janab. We never had proper weapons. We had to spread militancy in very harsh conditions. Hundreds of us were made to infiltrate in hazardous weather conditions, only a few tens of us were able to make through. Quality of food provided to us was also very bad. Cold boxed and canned food from 5-star hotels. At times we had to burn villages near LOC just so that we could heat our meals properly and eat them in peace.” Sajjad concluded.

While this counter-statement by Pak has forever silenced a lot of intellectuals who claimed that Pakistan is a terror-free state, the Pak interior ministry is currently said to be working day and night to give a befitting reply to the next statement issued by Indian defense minister.