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White House clarifies that President Obama is not a lesbian

27, Apr 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Washington, DC. After some Republican leaders doubted the gender and sexual preferences of the US President, the White House has issued a press release and a medical certificate clarifying that President Barack Obama was indeed a male human being with straight sexual preferences. Earlier, a survey had showed that a large number of Americans, especially those supporting the Republican Party, suspected Obama to be lesbian woman.

“The President is obviously a man, a male human being; he stands to pee and that’s a daily activity witnessed by many of us,” White House spokesman Bill Burton clarified and further displayed a medical certificate issued by a Doctor in Hawaii that clearly showed the President’s gender as “male”. The medical certificate has also been uploaded on the White House website for the general public.

US President, arguably the strongest “man” on earth, was forced to take this decision after Donald Trump, a billionaire and a potential Republican presidential candidate in the next year’s elections, had recently doubted if Obama was a woman living with another woman called Michelle Obama.

Barack Obama as a girl
Such images circulated on the internet convinced many Americans that US President was a woman

“I think Obamas are an all-woman family. Two women – Barack and Michelle – and two girls – Malia and Sasha,” Trump is reported to have claimed three weeks back, after which the internet was abuzz with rumors that President Obama was a “secret woman” masquerading as a man.

As one of the “proofs” of Obama’s sexual preferences, Trump had cited his decision to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy last year, which prevented openly gay and lesbian people from serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Although Donald Trump welcomed the clarification and certificate by the White House and has claimed that he was proud and honored to have achieved this feat, most of the Republican supporters were still not convinced of Obama’s gender and sexual preferences.

“Why have we never seen any father, brother, or son of Barack Obama all these years?” George Palin, a Republican supporter argued, “He is definitely a woman making out with another woman and raising girls. He must be a misomanist (sic.) – a man hater. Oh God! How can we trust someone like him to lead our country!?”

“He is definitely gay, a gay woman!” he added.