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Whole world is thankful to trump for spending 1/5th of his presidency playing golf

06, Jul 2017 By dasu

Washington DC: It’s not only American people, leaders of different countries, common people of the world cutting across different regions have welcomed the news that President Trump has spent 21 percent of his presidency time by playing golf.

“I was little worried what will keep him engaged in white house for four years. With so many people keeping a close tab on him, without having the necessary privacy he has been accustomed to, he cannot do anything he is known for or to put it diplomatically correct way have been accused of in the past,”  said one of the top American politics commentator who wanted to remain anonymous as he is afraid Trump might do same thing to him in real as he has done in a fake wrestling video to CNN.

“It’s natural, he will look outdoors. What’s better than a sprawling golf course,” said the political commentator.

When we pointed out, when Obama was president Trump used to send series of tweets questioning him how can he play golf with so much problems and difficulties Americans are facing, the political commentator said, “Key words are Americans facing difficulties that time. That’s not the case now, our stock market record level shows where our economy is heading, Fed has also raised rates as it is confident of good showing of our economy. Why all these good things are happening simply because he is doing nothing.”

“Those who does not want him to take U-turns are actually the people who want US to go down. Only way for us to survive next three years, to put it in a more hopeful way 1000 odd days, he should basically do NOTHING,” added the commentator.

In the meanwhile, trump is unperturbed by recent reports of his abysmal approval rating when more people have voted in favor to impeach him. He is able to handle all this pressure because his focus has remained intact even after five and half months in hot seat. As we witnessed other day, while addressing different fake media houses including us he stopped by to compliment the smile and earrings of couple of journalists asking them to come close so that he can have a better look.