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Wife urges Obama to attack her husband for refusing to listen to her

08, Sep 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. A housewife from Tilak Nagar has written a letter to US President Barack Obama to attack her husband on grounds of not listening to her, thus violating her human rights as a wife.

The incident took place after her husband refused to obey her orders for a record 3rd time in 3 years of their marriage. Agitated by this annual errant behavior, the wife started hurling abuses at the husband, but seeing no remorse on his face, she got pissed off and started beating him with belan.

“Not bad,” Obama thought after reading the letter

After three belan strikes, the husband retaliated by throwing water (H2O) on her. This uncharacteristic use of a bio-chemical weapon sent shockwaves to his wife, who decided to seek outside intervention in a domestic relation gone awry.

She called up her friends for help, and one of them suggested her to write a letter to Obama, the universal agony aunt. Writing a letter to Obama and seeking his intervention was “in thing” according to this friend.

“It doesn’t matter if the dispute is between two sovereign nations or between a government and rebels, even if there is a domestic issue, one can write to Obama,” the friend is reported to have advised the wife.

The friend had additionally suggested the aggrieved wife to take signatures of 64 friends on the letter, but the wife went ahead solo and wrote a mail to Obama.

“Though I have heard that US doesn’t need any reason to attack anyone, there is a genuine reason here – use of biological and chemical devices,” Gursharan Kaur, the wife in question told Faking News, “In which other democratic country do you see a husband not following wife’s orders?”

“He also has a car and two bikes with full petrol tanks, besides 10 liters stocked in a plastic container. He got it all before the prices were raised,” Mrs. Kaur underlined the presence of oil in her home, so that the US administration doesn’t think twice before intervening.

Latest report suggests that the Obama has starred the mail for immediate action.