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Will fly only in a KingFisher flight to India - Vijay Mallya tells UK court

20, Apr 2017 By RT

London. Embattled business tycoon Dr. Vijay Mallya cooperated fully with the Extradition hearing at a court in the city, it is learnt by Faking News. He agreed to be sent back to India on one condition, the media around the court has gathered the inside information: He will fly only in a Kingfisher flight to India.


“This is our chief’s master stroke to airlift Kingfisher aircraft again. The world of flying is not safe anymore, what with United Airlines and Air India coming up with new rules about deplaning and boarding and all. With Kingfisher Airlines, our chief feels completely safe. Just imagine the headlines in Indian News channels about Dr. Mallya brought back to India in a chartered Kingfisher Aircraft! Will be the most dramatic announcement of the decade,” a close confidante of the flamboyant businessman told Faking News.

“I am not an absconder. Any time you want to see me, just visit my home in London. On this entire extradition thing, just want to say one thing to all the hyper-active media in India: I will fly back to India. I will board my own Kingfisher chartered Aircraft and land in Goa. If you still need more juicy news-bit, No, I am not going to Kingfisher Villa there though Sachin Joshi is a close friend,” Dr. Mallya was quoted as saying in a series of tweets.

“When the court asked how we are planning to airlift a Kingfisher plane again, we have presented a complete road-map as well as an air-map detailing series of new loans from the Indian public sector banks. The air-map focuses on the specific areas of how to make money out of thin air. Learning this, the court has scheduled the next hearing on 17th of May, 2027. It came out wrongly as 2017 in the news,” the close confidante further added.

Meanwhile, a few political parties in India formed a special committee withing the party lines to handle the complex diplomatic circumstances. The committee to make appropriate comments on the extradition hearing and all the associate development, it is now learnt by Faking News.