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With its own Arab Spring, Pakistan just 50 km away from Middle East

20, Aug 2014 By idiot420

Islamabad. As opposition leader Imran Khan along with 30,000 protesters marched towards Parliament to topple the incumbent government, Pakistan as a country has moved further close to Middle East and Maghrib, protesters claim.

Bored of being in comparatively not-so-Arab South Asia, Pakistan has always been eager to achieve this feat, either through mix of dictatorship and political unrest or through adoption of Arabic culture.

Protesters pushing Pakistani things towards middle east.

“Now, Pakistan is just 50 km away from its dream destination,” roared Imran Khan while addressing protesters at the heavily-guarded ‘Red Zone’ in the capital.

The cricketer turned politician further clarified that by 50 km, he didn’t exactly mean physical location, but figurative distance. Although he wouldn’t mind Pakistan physically being relocated in the Middle East, he clarified.

“I can’t say how much excited I am with the idea of a Tahrir Square type uprising here in Pakistan itself. It’s like we have lifted Pakistan and put it somewhere in gulf region,” said supercharged Imran, adding that the feeling of being like an Arab nation can’t be expressed in words.

“Our small step away from democracy is a big leap for Pakistan,” declared the latest hope of Pakistani.

One being pointed out that his style of revolution could as well appear inspired from the kind of protest which Anna Hazare and Kejriwal led in India, Imran flatly denied any resemblance.

“Our source of inspiration is the Middle East, not India or any other South Asian country,” he said, “And I strongly protest against any such comparison. Our party will run the government for more than 49 days!”

Meanwhile some of the supporters were seen distributing dates among protesters. “Welcome to Al Bakistan, now we will eat nothing but dates,” quipped a close aide of Imran, in a slightly Arabic accent, “Massive deforestation to create deserts, and then planting more and more palm trees are also on our cards.”

However, many protesters are still not sure how they are going to create huge oil reserves to truly be a part of the Middle East phenomenon.