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Women banned at Miss World 2014 to be held in Saudi Arabia

06, Jun 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

London, UK. After banning bikini at Miss World 2013 to be held in Indonesia, the organizers have decided to ban women from the next edition of the beauty pageant slated to be held in Saudi Arabia.

“We want to reach out to new markets but don’t want to offend local sensitivities, hence we took this step,” Julia Morley, the Chairman of the Miss World Organization told Faking News.

“It was a tough decision,” she added, “But if we can do away with bikinis this year, even though Miss World had started as Bikini Contest, we can do away with women too.”

Saudi Arabia's Miss Morals contest winners
The option was to organize a beauty pageant in such dresses or to do away with women contestants

As a result, the next year’s Miss World will see men competing for the prestigious title that has traditionally seen women in attractive dresses thanking Mother Teresa and promising to eradicate hunger and poverty.

Men interested in such noble cause have been advised to apply for next year’s Miss World contest, but even they have been cautioned against hurting local sentiments.

“We are making sure that men who are too handsome and hot are not allowed to compete, because recently Saudi Arabia had deported a man for being too handsome,” Julia further revealed how the organization was leaving no stone unturned to respect the local culture and ethos.

When asked if it won’t kill the whole idea of Miss World, Julia replied in negative and claimed that it will only help the organization.

“Our beauty pageants were always accused of strengthening gender stereotypes, thus we also hope to answer our critics by this step,” she explained.

However she added that the contest will resume in its earlier format, and fans shouldn’t lose hope of seeing women in bikini again.