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World agrees that Dhaka attack not significant enough to light up buildings with Bangladesh flag

05, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Dhaka: In a rare show of unity, entire world has come together and agreed that the terror attack in Dhaka is not a significant enough incident to light up historical buildings with Bangladesh flag. It is a standard practice these days to commemorate major terror attacks by lighting up buildings in the colours of the affected country.

Bangladesh flag
You won’t see this flag on any major building

In a special session of the United Nations, every country agreed that there is no need to change the colours of the buildings for this terror attack. Even Bangladesh representative agreed that he doesn’t expect anyone to care for them. “We have accepted that terror attacks in the west only deserve a worldwide tribute and we aren’t even the west of Bengal so we expected it”, said the Bangladesh representative.

An official working with the UN spoke to Faking News afterwards and said,”It is great to see such unity in the trying times we face today. Changing lighting patterns on buildings is hard work and it takes so much of programming. We can’t do that for every terror incident, it will lose its special nature. Good to see that everyone agreed to avoid Bangladesh flag on the buildings in their respective countries.”

“However, this doesn’t mean that we will stop doing it. We still light up buildings after every major tragedy, like we lit up Empire State Building in Red and Blue after Hillary and Trump won in New York. Major tragedies are still respected. But if we start doing it for 3rd world countries then we will have to put up a new flag every day and Iraq’s flag twice a day, this is just not practical and we are glad that everyone respects that.”

Meanwhile, UN is also considering a new proposal to ignore terrorism to end terrorism. “Well, 3rd world nations haven’t disappeared despite us ignoring them so we aren’t 100% sure that this strategy will work but it is worth a shot”, said the UN official.