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Worldwide calls for ban on trucks in France after the attack in Nice

15, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Nice, France: Liberals, intellectuals and thought leaders from around the world have come together and asked France for a strict ban on trucks in the country to stop attacks like the one that happened in Nice late last night.

Say no to Trucks

A Tunisian man drove a truck into the crowd who had gathered there to watch fireworks for the national holiday Bastille Day late Thursday night. 80 people were killed in the attack and experts believe that all this could have been avoided if there was a ban on trucks.

“These monsters are everywhere and can kill anyone at any time. We can’t put everyone at risk by letting these trucks roam freely. Truck control is the first step towards fighting terrorism. If terrorists can’t get hold of trucks then they won’t be able to kill anyone. I don’t know how many people have to die at the hands of trucks before they seriously consider banning trucks”, said a senior journalist working in New York.

A human rights activist from London said,”We must stop catering to the automobile industry. They are rich, powerful bodies who have resisted any ban on trucks till now but that must change. We must start valuing human lives over automobile money and put an end to this truck terrorism. We are tired of doing nothing about it and it is about time that we ban trucks not just in France, but across the world.”

“This is not an isolated incident of people dying at the hands of a truck. All through the year we read about people dying in road accidents where a truck was involved. Some people argue that they are responsible truck owners and won’t kill anyone but can we seriously trust them?” the activist added.

Many people have also asked Bangladesh to ban cafes after several people died in a cafe in a recent terror attack in Dhaka