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Google to send New Year Party invite to those who watched Youtube videos in 2016 without clicking 'Skip Ad' button

16, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

YouTube is planning to reward all those viewers of its video streaming service with a New Year party invite which will be held at different locations across the world. But there is a catch. Only those have not clicked the ‘Skip Ad’ button before watching a video in 2016 are eligible.

google new year party

Spokesperson for Google said that it was their way of expressing gratitude to all those who have patiently watched all the ads without skipping. “We’d like to reward those who have in some way contributed in our growth. Advertising is a big part of our revenue stream and anyone who watches those ads deserves our respect. And there is not better way to show it than by ending the year on a high,” he said.

Sources say that the mega bash would include unlimited food and drinks along with an opportunity to hob nob with celebs. invitees in India would even get to meet Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who will be in India to usher the New Year.

As the news of the party spread on social media, many from India who had junked their party plans due to demonetization, found a reason to cheer. “I found the invite in my Gmail inbox, but thought it was some kind of a prank. But looks like its a genuine invite. After all the effort put behind watching those ads, I am happy that my patience is rewarded,” said Ankit Aggarwal, while wiping his tears.